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Roku remote not working

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Roku Remote Not Working Fix

Is your roku remote not working well , not responding , reset roku remote problem , roku not working   or losing pairing all time ? Don't worry  We've give you some troubleshooting steps below to help to solve the roku remote not working problem .Most standard Roku remotes that use IR-based technology will not require the additional suggestions below.

For issues with WiFi remotes (these have a LED light in the front or in the battery compartment), try the suggestions below in the case of roku remote not working problem .

Look carefully into the battery compartment of the remote and locate the purple button shown circled in red, below

1. Unplug the power from the Roku.
2. Wait for 5 seconds.
3. Connect the power back to the Roku.
4. Wait for Roku banner to bounce around on the screen.
5. Put the batteries back in the remote.
6 Press and hold the purple button in the battery compartment of the remote for 5 seconds.
7. Wait for the Roku to finish booting up.

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