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Handy Step By Step Guide to Activate Roku Device using roku.com/link

Nowadays Roku, a brand that everyone knows crosswise the country, is not commonly any brand that is famous via sole marketing or advertising but acquired its fame by upgrading the streaming devices available in the market. Roku has upgraded all the mediums of streaming to a next origin earlier we were just compromising with the regular display but now we have a 4k ultra HD Dolby device and all thanks to Roku Com Link.

Roku grant you to enjoy free as well as paid video content over the Internet on your TV. Basically there are 8000+ available channels, 3000+ are available for free and rest need cable subscription or have a subscription. The paid stuff includes the channels for which you have to a rental charge every month which includes Netflix, HULU, Amazon prime, Apple TV, CBS ALL ACCESS, Sling TV, etc and it offers unpaid stuff that includes the all time streaming channels like YouTube, PBS kids, crackle, JW broadcasting, FOX NEWS CHANNEL, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, ABC News etc. Roku grant you to enjoy free as well as paid video content over the Internet on your TV.

Setting up Roku

  • Firstly, connect your Smart streaming device to your TV using an HDMI cable if it’s a plug and play device like express, stick etc but if it’s an inbuilt Smart Device then just plug it to wall socket directly.
  • Make sure to use the premium HDMI cable while connecting the Smart Device.
  • Follow the provide steps if you are trying to use the device with a wired internet connection.
  • Plug in one end of the Ethernet cable into your internet router.
  • After that, plug in the other end into your smart streaming device.
  • Simply using the power cord, connect it to the Roku device and a wall outlet. After that start your smart device and go to the correct HDMI input.
  • Now it’s time to pair your Roku remote which comes with newly purchased device when the welcome screen appears.
  • Now you have to set your preferences accordingly such as language selection, display type, country selection, and download the latest Roku OS software’s.

Steps to Activate Roku using Roku Com Activate

  • You will get Roku activation code after completing the setup .Get the code from your Roku device’s setup screen.00000000
  • Now grab your mobile phone and using chrome browser visit to Roku Com Link for further process.
  • Enter Roku activation code provided in a alphanumeric form on the Television screen, the code looks like DDR5, 2AGI, O88L, SQRT,RP5M7,12MB5 etc.
  • You have to get into your Roku account first to activate your Roku 4k device.

We were helpful regarding Setting Up and Activate Roku Device, in case you are stuck somewhere while setting up the device or while activating it then you can simply dial our Toll Free Number +1(800)-717-2062 and one of our Sysco certified technicians will be there for your assistance.



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