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2020 Roku Setup Guide | How To Update Roku Device | Roku

Roku is one of the smart streaming devices which allow the Clients to have a huge experience of TV viewing. We can say it without any hesitation that TV viewing was never being easy and vivacious as these days. And now we can say, it’s become one of the important names meant for streaming devices in today’s marketplace. Let’s have a quick look what you can get with these streaming devices, how it’s mechanism work and how the customer can discover a massive world of entertainment with these devices.

Roku Com Link is a streaming machine which allows the user to watch the TV with a huge option of channels. It’s coming with different models with different compatibilities. There are few models available in the markets which are known as Roku Tv, that means different companies TV coming with Roku inbuilt in it. Roku streaming device provides the customer with the easiest technique to stream entertainment to your TV, on your terms, with thousands of offered channels to choose from. At any time you are looking further on to watch your preferred videos, Tv shows, what you require to get is a Roku Device from the market and get it activated to explore and experience happy streaming. As everybody knows that roku is coming with different models like roku stick, roku ultra, roku premium, built-in roku in different Tvs, etc. But to enjoy this vast experience of viewing you have to activate the particular device. Besides that the one more very important thing what roku customers have to go with is called System Update. Sometimes system update is needed to update the channel which can be updated automatically but only after 24 hours of the device activation. And sometimes customer faces little problems with the streaming device for which they have to perform the system update procedure. So, here we will discuss it all how it goes and a little more about this.

The software update is very important for the smooth running of the Roku Streaming device – Go.Roku.com/softwareupdate

To know about the importance of software update we will tell you some of the very important points as it is good to know while you are consistent using the Roku Device. Visiting the link Go.Roku.com/softwareupdate will help you to keep your roku machine up to date time to time by adding some additional features and helps you to avoid the troubleshooting issues. As we know roku machines are intended to get laod the latest software to the device and by skkiping the Go.Roku.com/softwareupdate steps you will be facing the troubleshooting issues when you are using the device. Remember getting your software update will help you to get unintrrupted services and its mandatory to get updated time to time. Once in the 24-36 hours the power on the Roku Device search for the software update and download it without interrupting you to use the device.

Roku Com Link

During the first time, set up how to update the Roku Software?

  • To get the software update for the first time you have to connect your roku device to the internet.
  • You can navigate the settings option for your network connection and get connected to the internet.
  • After going to the settings option please click on the wireless set up to connect your device to the internet.
  • Keep in mind, it is always recommended and better to use the wireless option than the wired network.
  • After getting your device connected to the internet please go to the “ settings ”.
  • Settings will provide you with some options and you have to click on the “ system ”.
  • Now system will take you to different options from which you have to click on “ system update ”.
  • And then click on “ Check Now ” which will automatically update the software of the device.
  • At the end we will recommend that after the update you should restart the device which will help you the easy working of the device.

How to check that there is a software update manually :

There are two main reasons when you can find out if there is an update manually

  • When you have not used the Roku device for a long time .
  • When you have installed the non-certified channels, you may have to update the software .

Some of the main issues where you have to update the firmware of the device and have to perform the System Update are as follows:

  1. Sometimes the device get freeze and by doing the System Update process it can be unfreeze.
  2. If you are finding that your roku streaming device’s screen id not responding, System Update may help to fix this up.
  3. If you are getting black or blue screen you can go with System Update process.
  4. If you are getting No Audio on the device.
  5. Sometimes you roku streaming device remote stop working or we can say not responding in proper manner.
  6. When you found your roku streaming device get automatically restart randomly, it means the device is asking for the System Update.
  7. Not only this, sometimes your roku streaming device responds very slowly. So, to get the appropriate performance you can go with the System Update process on Roku Streaming Device.

Following are the Steps to check manually whether there is any update or not :

First of all, navigate to the home page by pressing the home button on the Roku remote.

  • Then click on the settings option available at the very bottom of the home screen.
  • After clicking on the settings please enter the system option.
  • Then continue the process by clicking on the system update option which will appear after hitting on the system option.
  • Now hit on Check Now and it will automatically update the software.
  • Afterwards on the screen, you will get the available latest software on the list.
  • Choose the software by the time and date given on the system.
  • After completing these steps we will recommend that you should restart the device and software will update.

Now let’s have a look on the Issues may occur if there is an error while visiting go.roku.com/softwareupdate :

If you are not being able to complete go.roku.com/softwareupdate and you may find the error message on the screen. If It’s continues, you can find the error code 001,002,003 or 005. Let us explain you about these roku errors:

Roku Error codes

Error code 001

One of the main reasons for this error code 001 may occur is the improper network connection or bad internet service. To resolve this issue, you need to ultimately follow the explained steps to connect the healthy network to the Roku Device.

 Error code 002

This Roku Error code 002 may happens if there is a low signal in the network or unstable internet and the second reason this error code 002 occur while there is the issue of updating the software.

Error code 003

This error code 003 happens when you have the old version of the software

Secondly, this error code appears if you are trying to update the new version of the software.

Error code 005

The roku error code 005 can be happen while you are downloading the software and there is any kind of interruption on the network or bad internet services.

Points to be keep in mind and to be followed to make the go.roku.com/softwareupdate successfully :

  1. Make sure you have connected the roku device to the correct home network with current username and password.
  2. Make sure that you have entered the right network and correct WEP to the SSID.
  3. Remember to connect your router to some other device like mobile or the computer to check that the router is working or not.
  4. Be ensure that the router has a secure wireless network connection or stable internet.
  5. There should be no interruption between the router and the roku device while you are updating the software.
  6. If still the issue persists, you have to restart/reboot the Roku device as well as your router.
  7. To get reset the Roku device, navigate to the settings and select the system restart on the system option.
  8. Read the router’s manual and proceed the steps for the restart if you are facing problem with that.

For further issues related to go.roku.com/softwareupdate, get in touch with our customer support team, and resolve the problems or you can call us on “+ 1 800-717-2062”. We have a team of trained technician who will guide you with the same without taking too much time.

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