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Troubleshooting Roku Stick Not Working on TV | Roku Setup

Roku Streaming Devices (including all models like TV, stick, and box) have been known as a doorway to enjoy and get free channels with the help of internet. Sometimes, we have got this feedback from lots of customers that the Roku stick might not work well or might not react in the least. It becomes very important from time to time to troubleshoot the device with some more superior measures to urge it back in life and working. It is kind of a situation where you will find that the roku stick device attached to your TV will not work. But you no need to worry, in this article we will tell you about some of the major possible reasons of why the roku stick is not working and we will tell you in short about the solution of the problem also. The first and very important thing to undertake is, of course, restarts the device. So, you can restart the TV and by the same time the roku stick too. But, just in case it doesn’t resolve the difficulty, then you ought to try a number of more troubleshooting steps.

We are guiding you with some of the very important points by which you will understand the possible issues while your roku stick is not working and secondly you will be able to do the repair for the Roku stick :


Test Out The Power Status

There may be the possibility that you simply have linked your Roku Sick but you have not checked the power supply position. We can also say that, if you have any problem with the facility supply or connection may result during this condition. To examine and switch this out, please do the following:

Step 1 : Make sure that the power light/LED on the Roku Streaming Stick is ON and flashing.
Step 2 : On the other side, if the LED is not coming, it means your stick is not getting the power supply.
Step 3 : Verify and re-insert the power micro-USB is plugged into the power outlet.
Step 4 : Make sure the power line is additionally well inserted within the Roku.
Step 5 : If the whole thing appears to be good quality then you can go ahead and  check the micro-USB port for any breakage/damage.
Step 6 : Don’t forget to test out the USB wire if there is any broken, twist, or loose connection.

Wobbly Display Connector:

An additional component to examine at the same time as managing the Roku Stick connectivity concern is that the loose display connector and in this case please go through the subsequent checks:

Step 1 : Test out the Roku Streaming Stick reference to the TV port. Confirm it is properly  linked to the  HDMI port of the TV.
Step 2 : Take away and fasten whichever side of the HDMI cord to give surety that it is safe in well.
Step 3 : Please examine the Tv’s input settings and make sure it should be locate to the supportive  HDMI port.
Step 4 : Now use the T.V remote to see the presently set “Input Method” and alter it if required.

Remote of the TV may not  Synced

A further matter that can be the offender for this problem is the T.v remote. If your T.v remote is not synced appropriately with Roku, then your streaming stick would not work on T.V. Now to avoid these kind of troubles and get rid of this problems you have to follow the following the subsequent checks:

Step 1 : Open the battery compartment of the roku stick remote and Make sure the remote batteries are not old or dead, and if so please get the new one and insert the new ones.
Step 2 : Please ensure if the batteries inserted are deterioration.
Step 3 : Be sure that the buttons on the remote are working well and they all are not jammed.
Step 4 : Sometimes it may possible that with time goes and the particular remote lost its reference to the device. If your remote has power, but it’s not responding to the  Roku streaming stick, simply, resync the remote with the Roku Device.

Reset the Roku Stick Device

If there is no result by performing the previous suggested steps and they didn’t worked for you, this is the time you ought to reset your Roku streaming stick. Like other digital devices; Roku stick can also have the facility to get Soft reset and hard reset.

Soft Reset Roku Stick

Pretentious you will access the Roku menu on the t.v, do the following:

Step 1 : First of all, go to the main menu and click on “Settings” options.
Step 2 : Secondly, choose the “Advanced System Settings” option.
Step 3 : Now third step will be the factory reset by clicking on the “Factory Reset.”
Step 4 : It will give you the screen where you have to enter the activation code.
Step 5 : Roku stick will now make available you with a code to finish this process. Additionally, it’s going to invite you to pressing some button and give you a questionnaire, which will help you to get the best experience of TV Viewing of your preference.

Hard Reset Roku Stick

The Roku’s hard reset is that the ultimate choice to reset the stick, box, or T.v. Though hard reset is taken into account as a robust hit s good to require such step during a highly problematic situation.

Here is the easiest way to hard reset Roku Stick by following these steps :
Step 1 : First of all, place the “Reset Button” on the Roku Stick Device.
Step 2 : Secondly, hold or long press the “Reset Button.”
Step 3 : Make sure you will keep pressing until your device turns off.
Step 4 : Now again, hold pressing until the Roku logo appears on the screen again.
Step 5 : After resetting hard; you would like to setup Roku stick again from the beginning. To form your endeavor work and for the better result you can restart your T.V as well.

So in this piece of information we have provided you all information regarding how you can get rid of the problems while your roku stick is not working, but still if you have any more queries and you are finding any difficulty while performing these steps or setting up the Roku Stick again please dial our helpline number 1-800-717-2062 and contact with our dedicated team of experts who will solve all your queries and problems.

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