Roku Troubleshooting

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Roku players have come to be the main source of high picture quality. It appears with a remote control. Remote is used to manage the volume, channels & play, pause, stop, forward, skip & reverse any movie and TV serials.The remote control also plays a crucial role in the setup method. But sometimes people facing problem with it.

Step 1: Roku troubleshooting methods for wireless Roku remote

  • You require opening the battery cover & then opening the battery section.
  • Then press & release the pairing button.
  • You are going to see a flash LED light. if not then the issue is in your battery power, so replace them with the new versions.
  • Analyze the remote control to see if it is working

Step 2: Power cycle the Roku player along with the remote control for troubleshooting

• Turn off the power of the Roku player & turn it on after 20 secs.
• Eliminate the batteries once the booting is completed.
• To figure out the functionality, re-insert the battery power.

Step 3: Pair the remote control with Roku device

You have to once again remove the battery cover & open the battery section.
• Press & hold the pairing button until you see the LED light switching on.
• Now you will see a pairing dialog box on your TV display.

Step 4: Clear the remote control for roku troubleshooting

• Remove battery cover & open battery section.
• Turn off the power supply of Roku player.
• Press Home and Down buttons of the Roku player. In some models there is A & B button, so press them. While pressing those control buttons, press the matching button on your remote.
• Generate the buttons when you see remote coupling LED radiant.
• After you see 3 more LED quick flashes, the cleaning of the remote is done.
• Turn on the power provide of the roku player.
• Again,put the remote to pairing mode by pressing the pairing button & holding it.
• You are going to see the pairing message on your

Step 5: Factory reset your device if none of the methods work for roku troubleshooting

There will be a totally reset button given on the back of the Roku player at the bottom , so press it for 20 seconds to factory totally reset the device.

If you are using all these steps for roku troubleshooting but if the problem is not resolved then you simply dial our toll free number @ 1800-717-2062.we offer you step by step resolution for troubleshooting.