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How To Fix Roku Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi Error | Roku Setup

How To Fix Roku Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi Error!!

Roku Com Link is a streaming machine which allows the user to watch the TV with a huge option of channels. It’s coming with different models with different compatibilities. There are few models available in the markets which are known as Roku Tv, that means different companies TV coming with Roku inbuilt in it. Roku streaming device provides the customer with the easiest technique to stream entertainment to your TV, on your terms, with thousands of offered channels to choose from. Whenever you are looking ahead to watch your favorite videos, Tv shows what you need to get is a Roku Device from the market and get it activated to explore and experience happy streaming. As we know roku is coming with different models like roku stick, roku ultra, roku premium, built-in roku in different Tvs, etc. But to enjoy this vast experience of viewing you have to activate the particular device. But the first step for activating your roku device is to connect the device with the internet. But sometimes it has been noticed that customer is facing trouble while connecting the device to Wi-Fi. So, in this article we will discuss the same problem and provide you with some easy tips to get rid of these problems.

Receiving errors at the same time as using your Roku Streaming device is a common issue and a ordinary thing. Roku Streaming device would not hook up with Wi-Fi is that the common message that folks get on their screens in routine use of Roku T.v.

A variety of other errors take place on Roku Streaming device like 003, 009, 005, 016, 018, and 014. Well, nothing to be taken as serious once you see any of those Roku errors on your screen as all of those are general Roku problems faced by your Roku device.
The only dissimilarity is that they all relate to and specifies diverse issues/problems come across by your device.

Here we have come up with an entire and straightforward to follow troubleshooting guide the way to fix Roku error 016.

Roku Error 016- Understanding the Error

First, let’s understand the prime reason; on why you’ve got got Roku error 016 on your screen. The error occurs once you attempt to connect your Roku to the web world through the web , but your Roku loses its connection to the network and denies connection to the web .
As a result, you see “Roku Error Code 016” on your screen and red light on your device.
Your device may show that it’s connected to the wi-fi network but terminates all of your request to stream any online channel.
In other words, Roku Error Code 016 appears when your Roku device fails to attach together with your wi-fi Network. you’ll get this error code on our TV screen along side a message of stating unable to attach to wi-fi or the web .
Hopefully, its enough to know the core issue now it’s time to troubleshoot this problem. Subsequent section will elaborate on how you’ll fix your Roku player when showing error code 016.
Quick Fix for Error Code 016
Before you enjoys detailed technical troubleshooting on resolving Roku error 016. a couple of simple suggestion or check-ups are recommended to try to to . it’s not necessary that there’s any critical issue with Roku that’s why it’s showing error 016.
Sometimes we ignore minor things that would easily resolve our troubles. So here are few quick fixes that would work when your Roku won’t hook up with wireless network.
Check Your Internet Connection
Ensure your Internet is running at an inexpensive speed. Slow or interrupted internet speed may cause a drag for the network devices. Your Roku could also be struggling for connecting to wi-fi but failing due to no internet speed; as a result, showing your error code 016.
Check your wi-fi Network
Also, sign up your Roku wi-fi settings if it’s trying to attach to your home network only. Meaning if you’ve got selected your correct wi-fi name.
As attempting to attach to a wrong wi-fi network (maybe your neighbor’s) won’t end in success. And Roku will encounter failed wi-fi connectivity and your Roku Won’t hook up with Wi-Fi.

If you are finding any difficulty and you don’t know how to connect your device through internet (Wi-Fi) please call our toll free helpline number. 1-800-717-2062

Reboot Your Roku & Router
Reboot your Roku device and therefore the router once. Do the following:
Unplug your Roku device.
Unplug your Router Power adaptor.
Wait for 15-30 seconds.
Plugin the Roku power supply adaptor back to an influence socket.
Plugin back router’s power adaptor also .
Wait until both devices reboot and calm down to urge able to be used.
Try using your Roku player, if your channel starts streaming and you’ll watch your stuff meaning your Roku error 016 got resolved.
What else does one want, enjoy your channels no got to go further with any technical troubleshooting thing? Just relax and enjoy!!
If you’re not fortunate enough to urge your error 016 fixed so easily then proceed with trying various tricks to resolve your Roku error code 016 situation. Feel yourself a technician and go ahead!!
Roku Error Code 016: an in depth Troubleshooting Guide
Once you’ve got tried above-explained quick fixes but nothing worked for you. Now, its time to lock your safety belt and obtain into technical tricks.
Problem together with your router DNS IP or any disruption in Roku configuration could lead on to Roku errors like error code 16.
Any problem together with your router will end in slow or no internet access, which is that the core reason behind the occurrence of code 16 error on Roku. We’ll be describing the troubleshooting steps under two main headings:
Checking Router DNS settings.
Run Roku setup.
You wouldn’t be ready to stream your favorite channels until and unless your Roku gets connected to the wi-fi and gets the web access. In other words, it’s vital to get rid of or fix error code 016 if you would like to continue washing your favorite streaming channels on your Roku t.v.
Following you’ll learn in details what you would like to try to to step by step to urge your channels streaming back on our Roku t.v. Let’s begin
Checking Router DNS settings.
Before, you enjoy detail troubleshooting first check the status of your router’s DNS settings. If Router DNS is about to be using internal IP, then Roku device won’t hook up with the web . Regardless of how hard you bang your head to change other Roku settings.
Our system can handle this IP clashing issue due to its in-built DNS settings, but Roku players do got to have an external IP to urge connected to the web .
Following we’ve chalked out the steps in details that you simply got to follow to first, troubleshoot your router settings.

Open your browser and navigate to your router login page through IP address.
You will be redirected to your router login page, fill in your default/changed login credentials to urge into the account.
Note: If you’ve got no clue about your router password, please contact your ISP first.
Now move to DNS settings of your router.

Make sure DNS1 and DNS2 are appropriately set to an External IP address.
If you see DNS1 or DNS2, is showing IP same as internal IPs (192.168.1.x), you would like to exchange it with public IP.

Now once you’ve got resolved your Router DNS IP issue; its time to setup Roku device from scratch. in order that it can read the changes made to the router settings and may easily hook up with wifi. Do the subsequent for running Roku setup from scratch for your device.
Restart your Roku by turning off/on the facility supply.
Make sure your Roku stick or box is connected adequately to your t.v.
When your Roku device is initialized; you see Roku animated logo screen. Let of these things calm down .
Next, you would like to attach your Roku to your home wifi network by selecting your name.
Click here to urge an in depth instruction guide “How to attach Roku to wifi.”
Once Roku gets connected to wifi, you’d not be longer seeing Roku error code 016 sooner will enjoy your channels.
Roku setup isn’t completed until you check and download any latest Roku software (if available).
Do not forget to figure with display settings to enjoy your online streaming channels fully HD picture & sound quality.
If required do the Roku Account Setup again; which incorporates the Roku activation via the official Roku activation website:Roku.com/link
Start with punching your activation code then follow all on-screen instructions to finish the Roku account setup task.
Final Verdict
Here we’ve come to an end; this was all that our expert technicians wanted to share with you (our users) on fixing Roku Error code 016 issues.

We tried to feature additional related matters and their fixing solutions also . Hope this guide will assist you to manage a various routine problem which will occur together with your Roku device. Still if you have any more queries and you are finding any difficulty while performing these steps then please dial our helpline number 1-800-717-2062 and contact with our dedicated team of experts who will solve all your queries and problems.

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