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What To do If Roku Activation Code Not Working. Roku Codes Explained.

The Roku is an inbuilt smart intelligent entertainment streaming device that is has altered the way of watching entertainment. The epoch of the black and white TV has been in motioned to a 4k ultra HD device which is a good ex of the saying that “Technologies upgrade day by day”. Today we have stride into a new epoch of technology during Roku smart streaming devices. There are multiple number of Roku devices that are available in market some are small black color Roku devices that gets connected to the back HDMI of your Regular TV such as Roku express, Roku ultra, Roku streaming stick and some of them are inbuilt Roku TV such as Hisense Roku TV, Onn Roku TV  or TCL Roku TV so the type of Roku you purchase depends on your pocket of the costumer but the stuff of entertainment you are going to get is to the next level like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, CBS all access, Sling TV, and many- many more.

Let’s talk about some Roku Error Code and How to Fix Roku Error Code.  We have team of experts for all your queries on Roku device so in case you are getting a error code on your Roku device and you don’t know how to fix it fell free to call us at +1-(800)-717-2062 to get in touch with us.

Roku Error code 001 – The error code comes up while you activate the Roku channel on your Roku ultra but you are not successful.

Roku Error code 003- The error code 003 pops up if your device has the old version of the software on your Roku ultra

Roku error code 014- This error occurs comes up if you are unable to connect your Roku ultra to the internet connection.

Roku error code 009 — this error indicates that your Roku ultra is connected to the router but the network connection is still not active.

Roku Error code 011– The error code 011 comes up due to software update failure on your Roku ultra.

Roku Error code 012- It usually pops up due to poor network connection. First make sure you connect the Ethernet cables correctly to the router. And also ensure that Roku ultra is correctly connected to TV and the TV is properly connected to wall socket.

                                    So these are the Roku error code that you may get on your Roku device

Try to reboot your Roku device. Unplug the Roku from wall socket wait for one minute and then plug it back again to the wall socket and if your got a device like Roku express or Roku premier that gets connected to a regular TV unplug it from the HDMI for a minute then plug it back again and see if the error is resolved.

Still, if you have any queries regarding How to Fix Roku Error Code you can call our toll free no+1-(800)-717-2062 and a dedicated technician will be answering your call




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