Why is my Roku not connecting to the Internet?

Your available Roku device is your voucher to enjoying all your favorite streaming media stages as well as accurately thousands of TV channels. So if your Roku device isn’t connecting to your available internet, it shows that you’re disconnected from innumerable hours of entertainment that you can frequently count on to brighten your day.

Essentially, we received the new Roku completely connected. We used it up and then started the setup process. The Roku itself accepted her Wi-Fi, and when we put the password in, it is able to attach to the local network.

Here are some details that really work to fix your Roku connecting to the internet:

Login to your router

Every router has its own IP address. When you insert your IP address to the browser, that you would generally type your website. It will provide to the router login screen. The default password for your router is frequently “password”. And you have authority to change it during installation. Here are a few ways to get your streaming up and running again in the incident that it suddenly stops working.

NOTE-Here are some people really enter web addresses into Google, and then find the way from this method. This really won’t work. Enter the IP address directly into the browser’s Location or Navigation bar at the top.

Find the way to DNS

When you have login to the router then your next step is DNS settings and change the DNS1 and DNS2 to unrestricted DNS address.  Google’s unrestricted DNS1 and DNS2 should do the trick and then go to save the setting. If your available router internal DNS rather that unrestricted DNS, that’s the reason your Roku won’t connect to internet.

Restart Your Roku

This generally solves association related troubles on Roku. Turn on your Roku device and push the ‘Home key’ on the remote.

Find the way to Advanced Settings

Connect to the ‘HOME KEY’ scroll it up and down and go to setting and go with the ‘system’ and finally go to the ‘Advanced setting.

Insert the four digit code

Walk with the ‘Advanced setting’ you can appear at the list of option. Decide ‘Factory reset’. Hit and click this alternative and mention your four digit code will be appear on the screen. Enter the code and hit ok. Wait for reset to complete

The fundamental motive behind this article is to make you capable to connect your Roku device to the available internet.

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